29 March 2014

Summer essetials p (II)

Summer essentials p II

And this is all I have on my shopping list this summer: a pair of glasses, a watch, a palm cuff, I already own the snapback and water. I need a pair of sunglasses bad, really bad and I've been trying to find some nice ones in the little town I live in, but with no luck so far. Maybe I should order them online?! The water bottle has a reason, I can't think of a proper summer without having to drink tons of liquids, usually Coke water. What's on yours?

26 March 2014

Alex Nicu UK blogger

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Mathilde Brandi

Since I’ve moved to the UK I couldn’t help noticing a Facebook trend called “*drop name here* UK Model”. I’ve been looking at fashion models for over 10 years now and every time  I end up on one of these pages my heart cringes a little. Many girls feel pretty enough to aspire at a mainstream modelling career but sadly very few qualify. I completely understand where their wishes some from, I mean who wouldn’t like to be treated like a little star, photo shoots, magazine covers and all the clothing perks that come along but sometimes it’s really not the case. To be a model takes more than a powerful wish, you also need Mother Nature on your side. If she has not given you the right height, body shape, the good bone structure or symmetric face then there’s nothing you can do, especially when the competition is so strong.  To make it in this industry you also need to be naturally photogenic and have a good knowledge of your “angles”, a good posture and a strong runway walk (learned or natural).
By writing this post I’m not aiming to put anyone down, by all means everybody is free to pursue their own dreams but maybe trying to become more self-aware of your body and skills will land you a position on an adjacent field like niche modeling (body parts and  plus size modeling), TV commercials or acting.

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24 March 2014

Monday's mantra

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Have a terribly awesome week, ladies! xx 

*Photography by Hannah Sider
 Model Charlee Fraiser 

23 March 2014

Summer essentials p (I)

Summer essentials

I like to keep it simple even in the summer. Some of you like flowers or different prints but I'm crazy for the accessories that the English weather would never let you wear during other seasons, accessories like sunglasses and hats.

Warm sand

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I've been having this in my draft for ages and now has become yesterday's news... I still love it though. 

29 September 2013